there are numerous and almost countless adjustments that can be made to raw images before they are ever opened in photoshop. the obvious attraction to these is that they are non-destructive and can be changed at any time. because of how the adjustments are applied to the image and how they interact with the pixels, they can have a more natural look than adding layers later.

in the¬†first¬†example, the client didn’t have the budget or the time for extensive retouching. in the second, the client asked for ‘no photoshop witchcraft’ or wizardry. some quick treatments in the raw editor were all that were needed to take already good images and make them into print-ready deliverables. while these were small-run and one-off projects, DLP can easily handle thousands of images, like what you would have after shooting a wedding. no job is too big or too small.

both photos by michael robson

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